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If you want to take out a loan for a horse, you should not only consider that a horse costs several thousand euros, but also that running costs are incurred while the horse is being kept, which must also be financed. This includes, for example, box rental, regular visits to the vet and soling at the farrier. Many people who want to fulfill their dream of owning horses underestimate the costs they will face. If these costs cannot be paid, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, with the result that the horse has to be sold again.

Borrowing a horse – or rather not?

Borrowing a horse - or rather not?

Many experts recommend that you only think about buying your own horse if you have sufficient equity. Unlike a car, which is also very expensive, a horse cannot be covered by fully or partially comprehensive insurance. In contrast, other people argue that not every horse lover can save for years or was born into a rich family. If a sufficiently high and secure income is available, the taking out of a suitable loan for a horse can certainly be supported. However, it would be very important to calculate precisely and compare the individual loan offers.
Similar to any other loan, a loan for a horse would have to be repaid to the lender in equal monthly installments.

Installment payment agreement with the seller

Installment payment agreement with the seller

If you want to buy a horse and do not want to take out a loan for a horse, you can also try to conclude an installment payment agreement with the seller. Such an installment payment agreement always poses a certain risk for the seller. If the customer does not pay, it can be very difficult to get the horse back. Anyone who has made an installment payment agreement should strictly adhere to the agreements and pay the agreed installments in full and on time.

personal loans

personal loans

It may be possible to get a loan for a horse from private friends, families or acquaintances. There are also various online loan brokerage portals that want to bring together private borrowers and private lenders. If you want to take out a loan for a horse, you can also find it there.

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