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We are in the year 2019 and the truth is that at the moment there are not many changes in the field of personal loans. The main feature of these entities is that they offer personal loans with a lower bond and have much lower interest and commissions associated.

The common characteristic that unites them is that the TIN and the APR are at low levels, in fact the TIN is not higher than 5% in any case . However, this does not mean that they are the same, much less: they will be differentiated based on the commissions they charge, in addition to some variations of the TIN and the repayment term. It is crucial that all these variables are analyzed, since this way we will avoid taking more than one surprise .

What is the best personal loan of the moment?

What is the best personal loan of the moment?

Users value very positively the Expansion Loan Rate that of Lite lender . And it is one of the cheapest personal loans that can be found in the market. Its main advantage is that it will not charge you interest, although it is important to consider the type of financing, since it is not free. There are opening fees and this will be higher or lower based on the term you have chosen. For example, if we defer funding to one month, the commission to be faced will be USD 15, if it is deferred to 3 months, USD 30 will have to be paid. If it is 10 months, the cost will be USD 90.

The great advantage of this type of loan is that we will not be charged study fee or partial cancellation . It allows to finance an amount that ranges from USD 1,000 to USD 3,000.

Lender bank also offers the best interest in a personal loan. It is presented with an interest that moves between 5.95-6.5% (it will depend on the place from which you hire it). In this case, we will not be charged for opening or study fees. It is situated at an intermediate point to the bank credit alternatives offered by other entities that offers up to USD 4,000 with a minimum APR of 24.51%.

How to choose personal loans with a better interest rate?

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Some months have passed since 2019, and it is very possible that the conditions described above may suffer some kind of alteration. To always be aware of any type of change , it would not hurt if we take a look at the personal loan comparators. They are very easy-to-use tools, characterized by being easily updated: in the event that there was any change in the conditions in, for example, the credit of Lite lender, we would know it immediately, avoiding any confusion.

Therefore, we must follow these three tips to choose the best interest loans:

  • Be aware of changes in financial products
  • Use online personal loan comparators
  • Compare and always look at the TIN and APR of loans

If you want to get the best possible deal when it comes to obtaining financing through a bank when asking for better interest in a personal loan , keep in mind the information in this article and do not forget to take a look at what they offer you comparators.

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