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If a German consumer has a bad Credit Bureau, he usually does not get a loan from a German bank. A rejection is anchored in the guidelines of the banks if the customer has become noticeable with his Credit Bureau file.

The protection association for general credit protection, called Credit Bureau for short, stores all data of consumers who took out loans, how they were repaid, whether open bills were paid, whether bankruptcies or oaths of disclosure were made. If abnormalities are saved, the loan is rejected because the credit risk is too high for the banks. If a loan seeker urgently needs a loan, he can offer his bank other credit protection such as real estate or life insurance. Some banks approve this collateral and grant a loan, but most banks do not. A loan seeker has the credit from Switzerland without Credit Bureau.

The loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau

The loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau

The approval criteria for a loan from a German bank is an absolutely clean Credit Bureau in addition to sufficient income. The creditworthiness of a customer is greatly reduced if the Credit Bureau is not clean. However, there is still a way to take out a loan. The loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau is ideal. The funds come mainly from Switzerland and Liechtenstein and do not result in any entry in the Credit Bureau. Credit Bureau information is also not provided.

Foreign loans can also be obtained from other countries without Credit Bureau. Swiss credit is primarily intended for consumers who have poor credit ratings. It is not uncommon for such a loan to be the last option for borrowing. The advantages of a loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau cannot be denied. There is no Credit Bureau information and no Credit Bureau entry.

The loan is at your free disposal, the application is quick and uncomplicated. It all sounds like these loans are the best ever. There are also disadvantages that should be mentioned. This type of loan is more expensive than a conventional loan, a transfer of wages has to be approved and the loan amounts are limited. In addition, these banks also want certain collateral.

Swiss credit and its conditions

Swiss credit and its conditions

The loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau is the business of credit intermediaries. With their more than meaningful advertising slogans that would already be classified in the area of ​​the barkers, this form of credit is advertised on the Internet. Even if the need for money is pressing and you absolutely need a loan, for example to avert another Credit Bureau entry, pay an urgent invoice or buy a necessary purchase, you should keep your eyes open when applying for a loan.

Because among the reputable credit brokers, there are also black sheep who only want to pull the money out of their customers’ pockets, but will not offer anything. If a credit intermediary has been selected and he charges fees in advance and urges the customer to conclude insurance contracts, you should stay away from it. These are dubious methods. Reputable credit brokers only calculate their commission once the loan approval has reached the customer and the money has been instructed. They also exist, the reputable credit intermediaries who can provide a customer with a perfectly suitable loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau.

The Swiss loan without Credit Bureau and the outlook

The Swiss loan without Credit Bureau and the outlook

The application is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is fill out an online form and send it to the credit intermediary. This will check based on the information entered or a loan could be concluded. The loan offer made on it is not binding, it only comes from the lender and after inspection of the submitted documents. A loan from Switzerland without Credit Bureau will only be granted if the income is regular and sufficient.

There must be a permanent employment contract and the employment should have existed for at least one year. As for the loan application, it must also be mentioned that it will remain free of charge if the customer will borrow the money elsewhere. If the lender has checked the data based on the proof of income to be submitted and a copy of the employment contract, then the loan will be approved. The loan amounts are limited. They will be in the range of 3,500 USD or a maximum of 5,000 USD.

The conditions for this are:
A loan of $ 3,500 will be repaid in 40 installments of $ 105.40 (as of June 10, 2014), the total loan will be $ 4,216.00, and the APR will be repaid at 11.27%.
The loan of 5,000 USD is also paid in 40 installments of 150.55 USD (as of 10.6.2014), the total loan is 6,022.00 USD and the effective annual interest rate is 11.26%.

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