It’s not too late! How to Make Money for Your Vacation

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No, we certainly will not say that you are going out of credit this summer. Rather, we’ve come up with ideas that can help you make a trip cheaper or make money.

1. Plan ahead

1. Plan ahead

In fact, I have met two methods so far when I talked about accommodation prices with more experienced travelers. Most people find it a good idea to book a seat well in advance to get it cheaper, but there are also people who get to stay either locally or a few days in advance.

I don’t think it’s worth arguing for the two, since they are both right. If you are looking for one of the top tourist destinations in the middle of the season, you should definitely arrange your accommodation well in advance. However, if you do not choose the busiest time and do not go to places where everyone else is, it is worth finding something locally upon arrival.

Book well in advance if

  • planning a beach holiday during the summer holidays
  • you go on a city tour for a weekend
  • comfort is paramount


You can book accommodation locally if

  • Plan a longer trip in a particular region
  • You do not choose the time which is most preferred by tourists
  • You can compromise if you do not get the best accommodation


2. Use your reward points!

At least if they are. More than one credit card comes with travel credit from airlines. But you can also earn points in hotel chain loyalty programs, which you can redeem for overnight. Think about whether you have one and redeem it.

3. Avoid the crowd

3. Avoid the crowd

Although it can be difficult many times, try to avoid crowds. Travel with your family during the school season, when it is much cheaper. The difference in price can be so great that even the kids might be better off sending them to a camp in the summer, because that is the difference. What’s more, it is not just for financial reasons to travel out of season.



4. Eat cheap

You can already book apartments with kitchens in many places. You don’t even have to give up on local flavors, as shopping in the local market and working from a recipe book can easily be an even better experience than going to a local tourist trap restaurant. Just think about how bad it is in downtown Pest.

5. Travel with family or friends

5. Travel with family or friends

Renting larger houses can be economical if you are many. Extra beds and tents can be found. The cars also fill up better, so we can handle gasoline more economically.

6. Before traveling, check with the locals

Or from Hungarians living locally. There is no point on the earth where a Hungarian hand wouldn’t even wash. Think about who you know in the area and ask where you might want to stay and how you can travel locally for cheap or if there are local promotions that you might want to take advantage of.

7. Design, Design, Design!

4. Eat cheap

Costs can easily be lost if you have to solve problems locally. Try to be prepared for any eventuality that may occur during a trip.

8. Stick to the plan

So, don’t spend more if you see a cute pink wooden slipper that you wear forever. If you buy something like this, give up something else you originally bought.

9. Save Wisely!


It is also good to give a financial tip a financial tip. We have two. The first is to set aside a little for a savings account every month. This way, you will get some interest and spend more during your trip. Another is to use a credit card. If you do it right, it will cost you nothing and your money will be safe. If you become a victim of any kind of fraud, you have a much better chance of getting your money back if you used a credit card than a credit card.

Plus, credit cards come with an embossed card that comes with an insurance cover. These may not always provide enough coverage for your entire trip, but they can be supplemented so you can save on that too.

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