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Financing for freelancers is becoming easier thanks to private credit companies that favor this type of financing exclusively for those self-employed interested in receiving financial assistance.

How to obtain financing or a loan for freelancers?

How to obtain financing or a loan for freelancers?

That is why we can count on a wide range of financial products if we are autonomous. Here we collect some of them:

Personal loans online for private projects.

▶ Credit lines; as well as loans for freelancers and small businesses.

▶ Loans between individuals. These refer to the so-called crowdlending platforms.

▶ Online microcredits for specific and low-cost needs that are obtained immediately.

▶ Home equity loans.

Due to the variety of financing methods, it is important to know the reason for the credit and where we are going to allocate the aid received since based on our needs, we will be more suited to one type of loan or another.

Conditions and requirements

Conditions and requirements

If you are a self-employed employee and you are looking for financing, you should know that certain financial institutions require a series of basic requirements to be able to enjoy their benefits. These conditions can be grouped into three:

  • Your activity must be registered in territory.

  • A minimum annual billing based on which our benefit will be higher or lower.

  • Age of your company. Entities require us that our business takes a minimum amount of active time.

That said, some financing methods such as microcredits only require us to reside in the country, be of legal age and that we invoice an annual minimum to guarantee the repayment of the requested loan.

Required documentation

Required documentation

In the case of requesting a loan for freelancers we must present:

  • Photocopy of the CIF.

  • Photocopy of the declaration of income and assets.

  • Document that shows the age of your business.

  • Document verified by your self-employed person.

  • Proof of income and receipt of debts.

  • Last payment made to Social Security.

Every lender will also consider your level of monthly income and expenses to ensure that there is no risk of default. So the better your business situation, the easier it will be to receive financing.

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