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Do you stand in Good Finance and need to borrow money? Are you unemployed and cannot provide security for the repayment? In either case, are you most likely to be rejected at the bank, and what do you do if you need money for a new washing machine or a much needed vacation? It’s not easy, but there are cheap loans with no security and documentation online.

There is a lot of competition in the loan market, so providers will go to great lengths to get customers. It is to your advantage if you need a loan without being able to document a fixed income or if you are in Good Finance.

The loan providers on the net, as opposed to the bank, do not interfere with what you need to spend the money on. So there are no raised index fingers if you would like to bring your family on holiday without advice. Read more about Good Finance loans here.

Fast loans are the way forward


The very fast loans such as SMS loans and quick payday loans are often without a requirement for security. However, being unsecured does not mean that you can necessarily take out the loan if you are in Good Finance. It just means you don’t have to explain what the money is going to be used for. S

MS loans in particular, however, do not require the big information, which is why it is possible to borrow in several places, even if you are registered in Good Finance. The amounts are often not soaring, but you can usually borrow a few thousand dollars. Alternatively, try or They have not explicitly stated in their terms that it is a requirement that you are not registered in Good Finance like most others. On the other hand, they say they do a credit rating on you.

Disagreement about whether it is a good idea to take out a quick payday loan

Disagreement about whether it is a good idea to take out a quick loan

But often, the only option you have is to borrow money if you are in Good Finance. Of course, take your precautions, because Good Finance roughly means you are not creditworthy; you are therefore no longer eligible to borrow money as a result of non-payment. It is therefore even more important to make sure that you do not end up in that situation again.

Often, interest rates are higher on this type of loan, but it is possible to find some relatively cheap loans without collateral. It’s about comparing, because interest rates and fees also differ on this type of loan. It is also about complying with the payment agreement so that unnecessary interest and fees are added to the loan – and that you do not get another registration in Good Finance.

Am I in Good Finance?


Everyone is notified when they are registered in Good Finance. If you are unsure whether you are (still) in Good Finance, you can check it online at, You log in with NemID to check your Good Finance status. You can also see how many registrations are listed. As soon as your debt is paid off, you will be cleared. If you are still unable to pay, the registration will remain for 5 years.

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